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Skin and Body Care
Having base skin and body care products to which you can add the pure essential oils of your choice, gives you a flexibility that would not normally be afforded by other products. Our skin and it's condition varies depending on outer and inner elements and therefore the ability to change our skincare products to meet specific needs is of great benefit.

Exfoliate dead skin cells with our Lavender Face and Body Scrub, clean those pores with our Clay Mask Base, and moisturise and renew your skin with our Face and Body Lotion Base or Crème Moisturiser. Simply add the pure essential oils of your choice to any of these products to make you and your skin glow.

ProductPrice / UnitQuantity 
Face & Body Lotion Base
255ml  -  AU$ 39.95
Lavender Face & Body Scrub
75g  -  AU$ 45.95
Clay Mask Base
55g  -  AU$ 32.95
Face Crème Moisturiser Base
250g  -  AU$ 49.95
Facial Cleanser Base
125ml  -  AU$ 35.95
Hemp Ceme Base
255gm  -  AU$ 49.95

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