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Shower and Bath Accessories
Our shower and bath range provides an easy and practical way to use aromatherapy on a daily basis. As most of us shower in the morning, the use of a shower gel that has been enhanced by adding your favourite oils is a great way to start the day. A bath with pure essential oils, transferred to the water using a bubble bath base or sea salts, may be just what you need after a long day at work to make you feel like new again.

Our Hand Wash Gel is proving to be invaluable as most of us wash our hands 30-40 times a day. Now you can receive essential oils into your skin every time you wash.

ProductPrice / UnitQuantity 
Sea Salts/ Bath Soak
350g  -  AU$ 15.95
Bubble Bath Base
255ml  -  AU$ 19.95
Shower Gel Base
255ml  -  AU$ 19.95
Hand Wash Gel Base
255ml  -  AU$ 19.95

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