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Reference books expand your knowledge of recipes and what oils can do. Whilst you may have a large collection of books on aromatherapy, not all are friendly to use or up to date on the latest safety rulings.

Jennifer Jefferies is an outstanding author that speaks our language - she takes a serious subject and makes it simple and easy to implement into our lives. This knowledge allows you to use your oils with versatility, ensuring their effectiveness and ease of use - thus protecting your investment so far.

These 3 books are a must have for anyone serious about aromatherapy!

ProductPrice / UnitQuantity 
Amazing Scents
1  -  AU$ 39.95
Calm Kids
1  -  AU$ 35.95
If You Want Great Skin
1  -  AU$ 32.95

Aromatherapy Books

Our own Aromatherapy Book, aptly named Amazing Scents, is a "how to book" written specifically for our range.

Calm Kids is a book written specifically with the needs of our children in mind and is a hit with all mums.

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