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'Aromatherapy is the science of using essential oils for therapeutic, mood enhancing and cosmetic benefits - basically it's old time pharmacy.

Since the beginnings of human civilization, healers have looked to nature to provide remedies. For centuries essential oils have filled dispensaries and provided pharmacists with the raw materials to make medicines. It was not so long ago that you would take your prescription along to the local pharmacist and he or she would make up your cough mixture or cream from scratch using herbs and essential oils. Today most of these natural medicines have been replaced with synthetic laboratory-produced drugs.'     Jennifer Jefferies ND

We believe that most of you are becoming aware that health and overall well-being is often associated with the mind, and that the body and mind together benefit from an approach that addresses them both. Unhappy people generally have unhappy bodies. While modern medicine can fulfil some of our needs, the holistic approach of working with mind, spirit and body can give a more complete healing experience.

Aromatherapy acts in accordance with holistic principles, awakening and strengthening vital energies, psychic equilibrium and physical imbalances. Our passion for all of these qualities and more, influenced the decision to form this company. To help everyone see how to simply implement them into everyday life.

One of the most common reasons people do not use aromatherapy is the fear of the unknown - a lack of understanding in how to use them. Amazing Scents specialises in teaching you how to use them in the simplest possible way - splitting a serious subject into eight fun workshops with practical and visual learning techniques.

Please join us on the way to a happier and healthier lifestyle, expanding your knowledge and learning to join with nature to enhance your journey through life.

As well as providing exceptional aromatherapy products throughout Australia, we offer a unique business opportunity in aromatherapy sales. Enjoy the benefits of owning your own business, as well as working under a rewarding incentive programme with a team of motivated people. Achieve overseas travel, company cars and monthly bonuses while at the same time working with the highest quality, 100% pure, essential oils.

Aromatherapy Books

Our own Aromatherapy Book, aptly named Amazing Scents, is a "how to book" written specifically for our range.

Calm Kids is a book written specifically with the needs of our children in mind and is a hit with all mums.

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